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The power of the Internet has accelerated the way we do anything. Our mobile friendly websites are coded to the latest web standards. At RaceSite4U, everyone can afford to harness the power of the web.


Showing up with certain online searches can affect your motorsport success dramatically, especially if you're just starting out! With cell phone use, Google has also become the new phone book! Let RaceSite4U Help today!


We have been involved with large corporate e-commerce sites for years before starting our own web agency. Let our knowledge help you avoid some of the common mistakes an inexperienced seller can make.


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Your customers, sponsors or fans expect you to have a website. More than ever, people are using the Internet. A professional, mobile phone friendly website can help with establishing credibility, and inspire greater confidence in your brand. Your brand recognition for a team or business will grow with the increased exposure! Over time that exposure can help in many ways, giving you other opportunities that might not have existed.


The web is worldwide exposure for your brand and never closes. 24-7/365 it's working for you. With e-commerce sites we have built, they sometimes sell more in the evening hours when the business is closed than they did during the day. The same applies for other types of sites as well. It's very common to have increased web traffic after your sites visitors are off work and relaxing at home.

Cost Savings

If you think you can’t afford a website, the truth is you can't afford not too! Once a website is up and running, it costs very little to operate, sometimes as low as $6 a month! Compared to many other types of exposure (TV, newspaper, phone book, etc), a website is a very good investment. We work hard to provide a good value for your investment. Not all agencies are the same. Just like in motorsports it's not always about throwing money at the situation, it can be a matter of finding the right person for the job. There are a lot of factors that go into a successful web presence, but how something is put together can be the difference between a winner and a dud.

The following is a list of items we will need from you. We understand that some clients may feel intimidated by the technical process of having a website built. If you have trouble with any of the items on this list we can help, and we encourage you to ask questions. Technical advice is free for customers


A brand name and/or logo in png, jpg or svg format. If you do not have one, let us know and we can offer some options.


One of the secrets to a great website is great content! What sets you apart from the competition? What do you want your website to tell the world? If you run a business you would want to include as much information about your products or services. Even if you're not sure, it's best to include it at first and then we can select the best content as the project progresses.


The World Wide Web is a visual medium. Images are similar in purpose to the content we just discussed, except they tell the story visually. Large high quality digital pictures are best. We will resize/compress them as needed for the Internet. If you have photos in print or negative format we are able to offer conversion as an add on service.

An outdated website that you already own could be a great source for all three items. We may be able to take what you already have and recycle some of it.

Domain Name and Hosting

With a normal sized website, your domain name and hosting is usually under $10 a month. We will assist you with choosing a relevant domain name and recommend hosting if you don't already have them.

What Does It Cost?

Cost is a hard one to answer without a thorough discussion of your goals and needs. We work hard to keep our operating costs low and pass the savings onto our customers. Expensive websites do not necessarily perform any better than sites that were built on a budget as long as long as basic industry standards are followed and the developer pays attention to newer web technologies. All our work is done here in-house in Oregon, USA. We do not outsource your projects to unknown developers in India, etc.

We start our website packages at around $800 and the total can rise or drop from there depending on other choices, but the base website is still something to be proud of. We purposely built this site using most of our budget conscious options to show how effective it can be. Hosting and domain costs for the completed website usually run about $10 a month for a lightweight site as described below. These are services we do not normally offer ourselves for good reasons, but do assist you in purchasing. Once the site is complete and paid for, we setup your host and load your site to the provider as the final step. For security, unless you are local, we invoice our customers through PayPal for payment. with all of the protections that platform provides.

How Will It Perform?

For most of our websites, we use Bootstrap CSS framework. Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework world wide. It's proven code is very reliable, as it is used in millions of websites and growing. The enemy of all frameworks is bloat! Bloat is like weight in the physical world. It's a huge disadvantage performance wise. Speed does matter on the web too. To keep the advantages of a framework and loose the disadvantages of bloat, we remove a lot of the base frame work after development. We keep only the essentials required for your site, not the complete package. It will not make the site look any different to the end user, and most other developers will not bother with this step, but we do. File size reductions of 50% or more are normal when this process in done.

Website performance does affect your results! A 1 second delay in load time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. File size and load time is especially critical when using a mobile network, as it's more likely to have speed issues. More than 70% of mobile users say they have encountered a website that was too slow to respond and abandoned the page as a result. Also, Google now counts a sites speed as search ranking factor

Do I Own My Website?

All web work done by RaceSite4U is yours to keep. You own your site content and its rights. You are free to move hosting providers if needed. We use open source web technologies, so that your site is not restricted in anyway. After our work is complete it is loaded on your host for the world to see, and a backup copy is made on cd and mailed to the address of your choice with a tracking number. This backup can be used to rebuild the site from scratch in a matter of minutes if something should happen. The backup copy can also can be used as a reference for future updates if desired. Its usually much less expensive to do updates than to start from scratch. Minor changes may be done for as low as $40. Be afraid of agencies that hold your site hostage and rent you the site for $50 or more each month for the rest of your life. Yes, it's sometimes less expensive at first, but you end up paying much more over time and it's much more restrictive when accessing the content you paid for.

What Is Your Warranty?

We do warranty our work! If there is a problem with the site, call us. Our websites are written in HTML5 and CSS3 and will be VERY reliable for years without the need for frequent security updates or additional problems, but if there is one, and it's a result of our mistake, we will fix it no charge.

We have done work on many types of websites that were not automotive or motorsports related. We also provide other services besides building a brand new site, like SEO and website updates for almost any industry. SEO has advanced from the days when it was standard practice to stuff your page full of tags and ask your friends for backlinks. If someone tried to do that today, you would most likely be penalized in your search ranking. So don't use outdated methods to try to improve your SEO!

Local SEO is in my opinion, one of the most underutilized areas of search improvement for a small business. With the increased use of the mobile phone, even a local customer is much more likely to Google search for a business than to try and chase down a phone book. If your business is not showing up in a local Google search, you are losing customers.


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